Vanni Tech
20th April 2003

There was an interview on "Thinakural" news paper with Suryakumar who is the presedent for Vanni Tech a computer center initiative in Kilinochchi. The building is almost done and the operations are supposed to start by May 2003. This center is going to have labs, lecture halls, seminar facilities, internet and much more. Its being built at a cost of about $92,000 and is sponsored by displaced tamil people all over the world.

Mr. Jeya Kumara Suriyar a US recedent now voluntarily stationed in Sri Lanka supervising the building construction, networking and all other Vanni Tech related work. He will be here untill Vanni Tech is fully operational and can sustain its operation on its own.

PDF Version of the Interview Scaned From News Paper
Seminar in Kilinochchi
29th March 2003

TITA (Tamil IT Association) Organized a Seminar in Kilinochchi. Myself and Jeyatheepan (TITA Organizer)went to Kilinochchi to conduct the seminar. The advertisement went on the papers had a prerequisite for the students asking only students who have a basic knowledge on computers to participate in the seminar. It was a two day seminar and for the first day about 120 Students turned out. Second day it was about 90. First day mostly went on a Q&A session where the students asked various question related to Internet Technologies which myself and Jeyatheepan answered. Second day topic was - Web Page development. For you to get an idea about the topics covered I have given the download of the PPTs used in the presentations.

One thing you might want to keep in mind is that in Kilinochchi there is no Telephone or Internet facilities for public. Almost all the students attended have not seen web or email. It was a challenging task for us to explain internet and email with out those facilities.

Download Kilinochchi Presentation

Internet for NE Schools
26th February 2003

Tamilnet has reported in one of their news items on February 26th that Northeast libraries are to receive Internet facilities. Mr.N.Anandaraj, Co-ordinator of the School Library Development of the Provincial Ministry of Education has said that, before the end of February 42 schools from the Northeast province school libraries will get connected to the Internet.

However in Jaffna district some of the semi-government and government schools are left out from this project. For example St.John's College, Chundikuli Girls School, Jaffna Central College, Jaffna Hindu College, Kokuvil Hindu College, etc are left out from being connected to the Internet. I would like to appeal to the old boys community and NGOs out there to help these schools also get connected to the internet since it is ceratinly the need of the hour in the North if we want to educate the students and get them connected to the rest of the world.

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Formation of Computer Clubs @ Schools
24th January 2003 a Software development company is on the move to build ICT knowledge at the school level. They have visited schools in the North and conducted seminars on ICT subjects. After careful observation they have decided to form computer clubs at schools in the North as an initiative towards a bright ICT future for students. Already 5 schools have joined the initiative and more schools are expected to join in their next round of visits to Jaffna.

The schools currently involved are

  • St.John's College
  • Chundikuli Girls School
  • Vembadi High School
  • Jaffna Central College
  • Hindu Ladies' College

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