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Jaffna Bus Service
This is a picture you could only see in Jaffna, where lorries are converted into buses for the purpose of transporting people. However if you really notice these are not lorries, but rather Military Wagons used by the british and the proof of that is evident since their number plate starts with an "MW".
Presentation @ St.John's College
Here you can see a presentation being conducted on "What's inside a Computer" at the Petro Hall at St.John's College. Students from St.John's College, Chundikuli and St.Patricks were all assembled here.
Palmyrah - The Symbol
I am sure that those who are abroad, will definitely miss seeing Palmyrah. I must mention that, when we went to Jaffna it was the monsoon season and some of us went with with great hope for a bottle of toddy. But at the end we had to be satisfied with normal Coconut Toddy. Sad isn't it... I told them may be next time :-)
A Railway Bridge
If you look closely you can see a rail road bridge which runs across the river. Unfortunately there is nothing left except that bridge and it will take years for the train service to resume in the Jaffna region.
St.John's Computer Lab
This is the St.John's College Computer Lab. A student can pay Rs 3000 to learn computer basics here. However now Computer has become a compulsory subject for A/L students from this year.
Facilities at Computer Lab
A a photo showing how comprehensive the computer lab is at St.John's college. You can notice each computer has a CD ROM, and also the lab is equipped with Scanners, Printers and a Multimedia Projector.
Board for Female Carders
Just managed to click this shot while traveling on our way to Vanni. This is a picture of a board which says something about the Female LTTE carders.
Madam on the veethy at back of the temple ajoining the Mangarkarasi School. During Nallur festival all the days feeding the poor with quality lunch takes place at this madam (Pilgrims Rest)

(Information provided by Gnana from Nallur now in Canada)
Goods going into Jaffna in Lorries
Lorries lined in a queue waiting to be checked at the LTTE check point - probably for taxing purposes - Yes LTTE levies an import duty on goods coming through their controlled areas.
Building with Bullet Holes
This is a building we saw in Chavakachcheri which was scared with bullet holes. 90% of the buildings in this area were damaged, in fact most of them lay as piles of rubble on the ground. Both the Govt and LTTE used heavy MBRL (Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers) in the battle over Chavakachcheri).
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