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Hindu Ladies' College
Hindu Ladies' College Building. Looks really nice with the beautiful Garden in front.
IT Park
This is an IT training centre and a Cyber Cafe which charges 70 Rs an hour to surf the internet. They are offering a lot of computer courses but not very relevant and technical stuff. Most of the course were along the lines of MS Office and Visual Basic. Jaffna needs a good IT training institute which can turn the many needy yet intelligent youths into skilled and marketable Computer Professionals.
Jaffna Railway Station
It was sad to see Jaffna station in this condition. I guess for the past several years from the time Indian Army left, there was no train service to Jaffna. The station is full of gun shots and is basically ruined.
LTTE De-Mining Unit
There are two groups de-mining in LTTE controlled area and Jaffna. There is a team from USA doing the de-mining in Jaffna. However this picture was taken in Vanni where the LTTE has established their own de-mining unit which is doing a good job but on a small scale.
LTTE Police Station
This was taken in Vanni. All police stations have been painted and all the police force members have been given uniform. Also when we entered LTTE controlled area we were greeted by a Police men "Vanakkam".
Maaveerar Thuyilum Illam
Could not take a picture of the insides. Just managed to grab a photo of the board while traveling back to Colombo.
Ya I know you all know about Jaffna mangoes, who doesn't!. This picture was taken at St.John's College principal's house. Just wanted you all to notice how low the mangoes hang off the tree. When we came back, one of the things our guys bought in bulk was the famous Karuttha Kolumbaan :-)
Nalur - Rear Entrance
This is from the rear entrance. Sooran Poore festival was to take place a few days after this phoo was taken. What you see from this entrance is Sooran's back side.
Nalur Veill Cart
When we took this picture it was quite dark so I edited the picture a little so that the building would appear clearer. I hope the image does not look discolored.
Nalur Temple
Nalur Temple. I think they have obtained enough money to maintain the temple. Cameras are not allowed inside, so we were only able to take a picture of outside of the temple. Inside as always looked very beautiful. :-)
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