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St.John's College New Building
This building was being built when I was studying there. Now it has been completed. I must say - the old boys of St.John's are doing a great job, in supporting the school. The school is getting funds to erect new buildings, Computer Labs and other necessaries. The school really looks nice now.
Palmeira - Second Shot
A second shot of some Palmeira trees.
Chundikuli Girls' School
I guess with the tie itself you would have identified which girls school these children are from. I am sorry I couldn't cover a wider area and get more people into the picture. This was taken when the seminar was going on and it was quite dark inside since we closed all the windows so that the projector image would be clear.
A9 Road Segment
The road was quite good for most of the journey. Some segments are quite horrible. But since the traffic is increasing and the aid are coming I suppose that there will be an improvement in the quality of the roads in the near future.
Seminar @ Hindu Ladies College
Ladies' College students in their main hall during an IT seminar. Some of the students were well educated in the field. One student even asked about the notorious "Year 2038" Problem?
St.John's College Principal and Our Group
Here we are standing at the end of the St.John's College ground to take a picture with our principal. I know the principal is with his Slippers :-) but I assure you, we gave him very little notice before taking the picture. He was very co-operative with our team for the entier stay at St.John's
Regal Theater
I don't know how many of you remember the Regal cinema. Now you can see the state of it. I am sure that this picture will speak for itself.
Jaffna Library - Reborn
This is the library which is being re-built. its not operational yet. It was announced that the Library will re-open on the 10th of February 2003. But still it has not been opened because of some political problems and I am not sure how they are going to get the books for this library.
Vavuniya Protest
This picture was taken in Vavuniya when most of the school students in the area were gathering for some protest.
Sritharan Master in Action
This is Sritharan - Master of St.John's College giving a speech at the end of a seminar that we conducted at the college.
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