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St.John's Cycle Park
This is one of the cycle parks at St.John's College. This picture may not seem important. However I am sure for some of us it will bring back many old memories.
St.John's Computer Lab again
This is another picture of the computer lab at St.John's College.
St.John's Grounds
Looks great doesn't it. Most of the people who have seen this picture told me that their schools didn't have a ground as beautiful as this. I guess this is something we can be proud of. Moreover the 300 M ground is going to be expanded to 400 M soon.
St.John's Office Building
Yes. I know you must be thinking that this is the church. But you are wrong. This is the new administration office which has been built to look like the church. The new office really looks nice. This is a picture taken from the back of the office. May be next time I'll remember to take one from the front.
Jaffna Technical College
This is only the board. Do you know each student is paid 20 Rs for each day they attend lectures at Technical College? Risk Allowance!!!
Damage By MBRLs
This was taken on our way back to Colombo somewhere close to Palai. One thing Jaffna residents claim is that MBRL rockets are very sensitive and thus fortunately do not have any post-attack effects.
Damage By MBRLs - 2
Just one more picture like the previous one reflecting the heavy use of MBRLs.
Traditional Kitchen Items
This picture is for the new generation who wouldn't know much about the traditional kitchen items our grand parents used.
Kayts Budist Temple
This is a buddhist temple in Naina Thivu. One interesting aspect of this temple is that the resident monk can speak fluent tamil and the temple itself is very nice inside and very calm.
Jubli Hall of St.John's College
Jubli hall of St.John's college. It was very nice to be there for an assembly after such a long time.
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