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The DOG !
Some of you might recall old memories after seeing this picture. A personal favorite.
Jaffna Central College
This is an old building of the Jaffna Central College which has been damaged by the war. The school however is functioning and also has a computer lab and a non formal IT unit which serves as a training institute.
Jaffna Library - Close Up
This is another picture of Jaffna library - close up. Looks beautiful doesn't it. According to Jaffna Mayor the library will be re-opened on February 10th. But it doesn't look like it will re-open anytime soon.
Partner School Girls
This is a picture of some Chundukuli girls going to school. There were some requests from some of you to include more pictures of this school . This is all I have for the moment, please watch this spot for more.
St.John's College V.Principal and Students
This is a picture which was taken after forming a Computer Society at St.john's college. At the very right of the photo you can see Mr.Ameraseelan who is one of St.John's College's Vice Principals and on the far left is the teacher in charge for the computer society.
The result of war
I guess you guys don't need much of explanation for this picture. It speaks for itself.
Section of Jaffna Fort
As you may know Jaffna Fort is completely demolished now. Some segments of the walls are still there and this is one of those segments. The army prohibits anyone from taking photos of the Fort as this is still a High Security area. This cameraman was able to convince the army patrol on duty into letting him capture the remains of a once great construction.
Road to Kayts
Pannai. People who know this road will recall, but as you can see there are now barbed wire and sentries to protect the road from attacks.
Isn't this beautiful?
A flock of flamingos oblivious of their war torn surroundings. A flash of beauty and serenity, in contrast to the barb wire and check points.
Fence in Jaffna Style
Veeli as they call it. Should inspire the estranged Jaffna resident to recollect their memories of their own homes and how such fences surrounded their houses.
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