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Check Point
One of the military check points in Jaffna
Aerial View
A picture taken from the plane just before landing.
Old is Gold
I guess people don't see this types of cars on road anymore. Howeve, in Jaffna you can see plenty of these cars with "EN" number plate which was introduced before "Sri" series.
Segment of A9 Road
This is a segment of A9 road which is still under construction. Since its a sand road when it rains it is almost impossible to travel on these roads becuase it will be muddy.
Luxury Bus Service
This is one of the luxury bus service to Jaffna from Colombo. I think if I am not mistaken you can get a seat in one of these buses for about 1300 Rs one way. These busses normally leave colombo at about 22:00 O'Clock at night.
I guess everone who has travelled at one point of life from Jaffna to Colombo through a land route would remember Muruhandy. Even todate every vehicle stops here and people get themselves reffreshed before travelling rest of the distance towards Jaffna.
IT seminar in Kilinochchi
This is one of those IT seminars being conducted in Kilinochchi. As you can see its not the most equiped IT labs but still people in those areas make an effort to understand the technologies and get ready to run the IT race with rest of the world. I am sure they will one day catch up with rest of the world.
Bank of Tamileelam
This is one branch of Bank of Tamileelam in Kilinochchi area. Even though they are not a legally accepted institution in Sri Lanka, in LTTE controlled area they seems to operate very effectively. It like all the other banks has check books and current accounts.
IT seminar in Kilinochchi
This is myself explaining for a group of students in Kilinochchi about how to build a Web Page. At the end of the two day seminar we gave a test to the students. There were 10 of them who got more than 90% for the exam. What is amazing is the grasping ability of those students when they didn't have access to a computer for themselves to practice what I was teaching still they understood the concepts.
Paper Weight
I guess not much explnation is required for this picture. Just have a look at the paper weights being used to for those news papers.
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