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A Rare Site
Branched palmyrah tree. I guess people who know palmyrah tree would agree with me that this is a rare site! Isn't it?
Another Rare Site
I guess this doesn't need a discription. I have made about 3 to 4 visits to Jaffna but I couldn't capture one of these, however one of my friend who works at WHO has manage to secure some.
Karainagar Sivan Kovil
Popular temple in Point Pedro being given a facelift. Now money is being allocated through the Hindu Religious Ministry for temples, and most of the temples in Jaffna Peninsula are getting a facelift.
Christ Church Jaffna
The anglican church in the Jaffna town in ruins. I don't think the recent battle to re-capture Jaffna was which ruined this church, but the one fought for Jaffna Fort must have been the culprit.
LTTE war memorial being rebuilt after being destroyed by the forces after their invasion in 1995. To my knowledge Rs 5000 is being collected from every business in Jaffna for this rebuilding effort.
Graveyard Again
Monument at war memorial speaks for itself.......
Selvasannathi Kovil
The remains of the colossal structure which once held the biggest veill cart in Jaffna. If it was destroyed during the battle due to shell or some other factor it could have been understandable, but this was burnt down. How sad :-(
Man in Cycle
Four Legged powered cycle - Twin Bull Powered Engine. I wish I could travel so freely in a push bike in Colombo.
Siddha Teaching Hospital - Kaithady
Even this water tank in an ayurvedha hospital was not spared on the hands of MBRLs.
Siddha Teaching Hospital - Kaithady
A sewerage disposal system which destroys aerobic and anaerobic organism in stages. The solid waste is sent to the solid waste chambers which are then used as manure for cultivation and the liquid waste could be recylced for use once again.
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